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Empowered Women, Empower Women featuring Charlie Murphy - PINNED Podcast: Episode 35

February 10, 2021 Miss Pinup Miami & Charlie Murphy Season 1 Episode 35
PINNED Podcast
Empowered Women, Empower Women featuring Charlie Murphy - PINNED Podcast: Episode 35
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This week I'm sitting down with  Charlie 'The Real' Mrs. Murphy owner and publisher of Car kulture Deluxe and Ol Skool Rodz Magazines.  We talk about her experience as a women in a male dominated industry. There a were some dark times but we discuss the power of women and how we can overcome together. Come join our conversation.

Also I apologize for my voice - been recovering from COVID - luckily I have not had any grave symptoms.

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About   Charlie Murphy
Charlie is a professional model, makeup hair artist, photographer, stylist, set designer. She is internationally published with all of her talents. She been modeling and in the pinup industry for about  over12 years.


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Miss Pinup Miami:

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How are you doing today? I'm so good. How are you doing? I'm doing good. I'm doing good. I'm doing good. I'm so happy to have you here. I'm so excited to be here.

Miss Pinup Miami:

Tell us a little bit about you. I know you're a publisher. You're an intern. You're published model makeup artist, photographer, photographer. I don't I do a lot.


Um, yeah. So I started out in my industry as a model. And I modeled when I was younger, and I modeled with photographers and things like that. And then I quickly got within an agency had babies and life and that kind of stuff. I wanted to learn how to take care of my family, just not for modeling. Because I knew one day that wasn't going to be around, you know, like I can't I can't just you know, depend on modeling alone. So I really loved hair and makeup. I've played with hair and makeup since I was a little girl and I loved making myself over and trying new makeup tricks and things like that. And I've always loved Jayne Mansfield. I think she's the coolest broad in town. She


she's just you know, I don't know, I just have a I have a special place for her in my heart. So, um, it was kind of crazy as I started going on with my modeling, and I got lots of requests to model as her and there was a photographer, I could see it. Yeah. It was a photographer that that wanted me to shoot with him. And he was telling me, you know, you, you should really learn photography, and I was doing hair and makeup for him already because I got my cosmetology license along the way and everything. And he brought me along and he was like, you know, you should really learn photography and I was already shooting kinda I guess pent up inspired because it was a lot of Maryland girl and Jayne Mansfield that I was getting requested to shoot with photographers. And so it just kind of spiraled from there. I interned with him. I learned everything about lighting cameras, hair and makeup and posing and set building and I can't even disguise you learned everything that's made you become who you are today because now it's led you to the magazine, right? Yes, yes, totally. And magazine is all about how it looks. So you already have the basis of how it works. So you I think that's great that then you incorporate everything, you know, it's not just it's like a last last week I had a guest and she was all about the signs that you get in life and I felt like Yeah, yeah, all your signs look like they aligned perfectly with what you're doing today. I was just talking about that with a friend today that it's like everything kind of lining up to where I've always you know, wanted to be and like what I have aspired to kind of do so yeah. So let me ask you about women empowerment. How did you feel when you learned in the beginning of being with your with a photographer? Um, did you find any difficulties of being a woman in photography? Yes, I would say in some ways I did. Um, I feel like the industry. As far as female photographers, there's a lot of competing. I feel like not a lot of I don't feel like people are very willing to help each other. I don't feel like there's jealousy or, or competition, they see each other as competition instead of working together and promoting each other and learning from each other. I feel like there was there's just a lot of competing, which put a damper on me being a photographer in this industry. I really did. Just give up on it. And I put my camera down. Try not to cry talk to you about that. So I want to put my camera down, Mike. I had teamed up I had just teamed up with my my friend, Sarah Hardcastle who owns dynamite games, photography. And I, you know, I told her, I was burned out. I was really tired of the scene. And I felt like, I'm sorry, sorry, everybody. I felt like I felt like doing hair and makeup, I can kind of hide a little bit and pull myself back and really just work on myself a little bit. I needed a break. So Sarah gave me the chance to do that. And we we mingled we, I guess we co branded our companies together and became one. And when we did that, we teamed up I was friends with a plus size model in our community that was really well known. And we had teamed up with her to do a tour. And it was exactly what I needed at that time. I feel like it was a body positive tour. It was something to give back to women inspire women and bring women together It was actually really healing for me and super inspiring all at the same time. It moved me I met so many guys I'm gonna cry and be a cry baby all through this. Nobody This is important to share. Because I've also learned in in struggles that like and seeing and when you open now i'm i'm is that you you feel like alone in these situations. And that's what that's actually one of the points I wanted to touch on is that we don't talk about our own feelings and we make them we push them aside, when we should just be able to be open. Because at least in a woman's world, it's always seen like, women are supposed to take care of everyone else and care about other people's feelings. And we forget that we have feelings, too. Yeah. And that's what, so don't feel bad. So I, I met so many amazing women, and I got to make women feel so beautiful. And women gave them a chance to feel like a supermodel and really live like in a day of what I would get to do or the plus size model that was on tour with us we get to do so. It was really neat. To just uplift women and be around women and and just inspire I grew, I grew so much and I learned so much from that tour. So what do you consider women empowerment? I feel like women empowerment to me anyway, I just tried to inspire and to be kind and to lift and to help and just be a good friend to women. I feel like being a woman to watch is important. I feel like you should be always thinking about leading by example, basically. So I mean, I guess that's kind of what I feel about women empowerment. I don't know if that's the right definition for why other people would consider it. Well before before when I was prepping for this episode actually wanted to look it up because I myself did not know the what women empowerment in definition was and it's Women Empowerment is all about allowing women to make life determining decisions through different problems through the different problems in society. So giving an opportunity for women that are not always there, but you're giving it because you know that they're going through struggles. That's what I'm getting from it. Yeah, totally. Yeah. So normally giving them opportunity like you are, when you went touring, you gave people the opportunity they couldn't have had, if they were just in their same old, same old way, giving them lots of tunity to dress up to feel like they're a model for the day to feel empowered through the lens with your offer, especially with your plus size model as, as a as a plus size model myself, I'm like, you know, I love making other women feel the way that I do. And that's what I do in my calendar. And I have also done workshops, but I'm not a professional hair and makeup when I do everyday workshops to teach the everyday girl How to do their hair makeup with a vintage flair. Right? Do you have any stories while you were on tour of like, anyone that pops out? I'm sure you have many. I can't remember her name. But we had a plus size African American woman that come in, I believe from Louisiana. And she was just she just had the most amazing energy. She, um, she had so much self confidence. And she was just like, gassing everyone up in the room. And she was just beautiful. And when she got on set, she was like, covered and glam and feathers and big gown and everything. And she laid herself out on set and was like, I dripped sexy. And I was like, Girl, yes. She owned it. She owned it. And it was just, it was so, so cool to see. Because I feel at times, you know, you know, I being in photography and dealing with women and making women over every day, you get women that judge their bodies all the time and to have someone of size come in and own, own their body and own their sexiness. It was just it was really cool to see. And she was she was inspiring the other women in the room. So it was it was Yes. Cool. And I always love watching other people inspire other people. That makes my heart so happy. So snowball effect, you know, right? Yeah, yeah, that's what I think like kindness as well, like the same way that you're respecting these women that you have on tour that your photographer is omitting through the you know, everyone that is in this in your team, it radiates to the person in front of you, and then the people around and be like, Oh, I can't wait to do my part. You know, right anyway, because environment that's missing in the world. And that's when I think the same message that we do in the little photoshoots or shots will make it bigger, and be kind, which is basically what is happening in mini scale in these little moments that you create for memories in life, but I hope it ripples into people's lives. Does this makes sense? Yeah, yes, yes. Totally. So how do you feel in in, let's say in your magazine, and what you're doing now what you're doing is your magazine, correct? Yes, I I mainly focus on my magazine in my boutique right now. Oh, yes. You just got a boutique location. Congrats. Thank you. How's that? We're super excited. Um, I'm getting walls put up and shag walls put up and roses everywhere right now and painting it and getting it all together. So we're hoping to be open by March but we will see depends on construction. So yeah, well, then I gotta put that on my list. Go to Texas go to Yes. Yes. And come to because we have a studio too. It's also a studio space for photographers to rent to so yeah. Yeah. So you still do photography or you rent it out? No, I'll do photography too. There. They can shoot with me or photographers can rent it out and shoot other people there too. So I'm going to just make a creative space for everybody to come and play a whole pub. Yeah, to play have fun. And leave your insecurities at the door. Yes, ma'am. And as a model because you also model a lot. Um, I actually one of the questions that wanna somebody asked on Instagram. Then I'm just gonna ask now is where do you get all your outfits? Oh, well. I mostly wear pinup girl clothes. I model for them. They always take care of me and keep me stylish. I love Laura and her staff. They're amazing people. I wear some vintage. Sometimes I create stuff like I'll pull stuff from. I don't know, cheaper brands like Fashion Nova and things like that. I just, I just play but a lot of my wardrobe does come from pinup girl. So and you style it yourself. Mm hmm. Yeah, I style everything. I also am a stylist. Oh, there you go. And I have a styling closet. And that's another thing I love to do is makeover women that way too, and help them with a dress or whatever they may need. Yeah. We have a lot in common. Yeah, I love it. And so when you were on the other side of the camera, when you model in your life, have you come across any uncomfortable moments? Being a woman? Yes, I have. I have been in some really uncomfortable situations as a female model, and it's mainly with male photographers. I would, I would say always say to women to always be careful in screen who they're shooting with. And I always say please take an assistant with you never go alone. Any photographer telling you to shoot alone? That's probably not the photographer. You should be working with. Red Flag. Yeah, that's a red flag. I mean, really, it's it's been male photographers. Female photographers are amazing to work with. I'm super comfortable with them. Most of them are inspiring and uplifting. And I think well I have like, like all the female photographers I worked with that have so apes and so many favorites. Sarah from dynamite dames is an amazing female photographer. And of course, she was on the tour with us and she shot all all women of all sizes and and she's super body positive. And then as I would say, Nicki and Kandi up in Kansas City of vixen pinup photography. They are super empowering women. Beautiful, beautiful work. And just, I mean, amazing people to be around. And then Susanna from vestige photography. I've been working with her a lot lately. And she is just amazing. And the biggest sweetheart, so you girls out in California, don't need to go see her. So I've seen her photos of that you posted with her and they're beautiful. I love them. And she always finds like the most craziest locations and I'm always like, what are you doing to me? I'm gonna never leave this place. Do you have like a dream? Shoot you want to do one day? Like a location or a style? Well, um, I? Well, I I don't know. I've always I've always just like, whatever inspires me in the moment. I don't think I bet I don't ever think I have had like a shoe that was like my dream shooter dream shooter. Like, I don't really know. Like, yeah, I don't, I don't really I've just like I create in the moment and how I feel. As of right now. Like my, my dream shoot that I got to do was the other day was spike and he shot me under my wagon will and my one of the studio spaces I'm building. He shot me under my rhinestone fool. And underneath my little wagon wheel chandelier that I made so that that was super special. He made this Texas gals dreams. True. And yeah. And so that was that's been like, today like my funnest show like something I really wanted to do and not to do so. What are other going back to the male photographers? I was curious if there was any other red flags you have for women to keep an eye on when they photograph and with men. I would always This is my thing when when I'm working with male photographers, and and they're new and I don't really know them and other people haven't really worked with them either. I always think it's good. You know, they give you a release, basically. And I always think it's good for a model as a model to have their own release and their own guidelines. And if the photographer doesn't want to agree with to agree to those guidelines, then I mean I wouldn't shoot with him. So, I mean, that would mean, it's a way to protect you from getting images out there that you didn't approve. And yeah, I mean, it just helps, it just protects you a little bit more to have, that's a good idea to have a release. Yeah, release. And I also would make sure like, you know, that they're not touching you that, you know, onset when, you know, they're needing to adjust something or your hairs in the way and they come at you, I would just make sure that you stay in, you know, I can't even talk stand strong. And and say, No, you know, let me know where what I need to fix. So, you know, I can do it myself. I don't need you to help me that way. So I just, you know, just be protect yourself and also demand the respect to there be boundaries there. So, and don't have them tell you they take this off? Yeah. Also, yeah, that's another thing. You girls, do not let photographers talk you into doing something that you're not comfortable doing. Don't allow them to pressure you into something that you're not comfortable doing. I will admit, I have encouraged women to, you know, shoot in lingerie or shoot nude because they're talking about they always wanted to do it. But they're scared. And I'm, I'm like, No, boo, what are you scared of? Like, let's do this. Like, let's do that. But I feel like if you're on set with a man, and he's encouraging you to do, yeah, you know what I'm saying? Like, it's just a little different. And, you know, if you told me no, I'm still not, you know, I'm not comfortable, Charlie, I would be like, I get you boo. Like, it's when you're ready when you're ready. I'm the girl to see. I have I have had a couple women that are always sick, they want to do both wars. They want to do something nice for their boyfriend. And it's always what stops them is like the outfit at least the people that come up to me are really up there plus size women. So I'm like, you know, you need to first get comfortable by yourself by a little cute lingerie, get in the mirror. So you know yourself out and then work your way into like, Do you need help? I'll come over and I'll just, we'll just have you know, fake poodles until you're ready for debut with the photographer slowly. They want to do it. It's not like your question. They want to do it. I also feel like a lot of women feel like they can't be sexy, or certain women feel ashamed to feel sexy. You have to look a certain way. Right? Yeah, yeah. And that's definitely not the case. So yeah. And I want to talk about qualities that you think women should have to feel, um, how to empower other women. You know, I know we've talked about it, things have happened with you what empowerment is, but what do you believe are some qualities or like, what are what I want to say like guidelines, mag guidelines, things to live by? Like I said, you know, be a good friend. I think that's the most important thing is just being kind to people. I feel like it's it's so easy to be hateful, you know, it takes it takes more strength to be kind like just being a good friend. Like being a good girlfriend to your friends like being there for each other and really being a friend and not gossiping and things like that. Like that's, that's big to me. Like that's like pretty much number one on my list on female empowerment. So I've learned how to deal with situations like that because, you know, you don't want to feed into cattiness and I have learned that in order to empower women and to not belittle anybody you know, is don't feed into that cattiness air it out and that way you all work together instead of feeding into whatever cattiness you know and that's really helped my mentality. I mean, I don't straight off sale like that, but I know Long You know, I feel like if people took the extra step of not eating into gossip feeding into negativity, it gets okay to disagree with somebody especially a lot of politics. Like some people hate um, but Juarez, you know, lingerie, instead of just disagreeing and making people feel smaller, you could disagree without being smaller without making a feel bad. Right, totally validating women's self expression like in the beginning, when you talk a crying, you can cry as much as you like. We all have feelings and we need to acknowledge them. We just keep putting, you know, things under. We sweep it under the rug. So validation, I would say currently lamenting women. Yeah, we sweep it under a surety that they just sweep under, you know, for me, I was I'm always very insecure. photographing, like, anything with my neck. So I always have my head down or a dress that goes off. I don't know, it's a weird thing, because I'm told my, the back of my mentor like it is. No, I, I get you know, I get you. I i I'm not comfortable with my knock either. So I I totally understand. Yeah. So you always make sure and like, and I've learned to just speak up and be like, you know, what this photographer has to know. Yeah, so you know? Yeah, no, yeah, totally. Yeah. I tell everybody, I'm like, excuse me, you're gonna have to, and we tend to want to help others. But we also need to help ourselves and take mental breaks, and be able to take time to ourselves in order. It's like when an airplane is falling down. You know, when an airplane is about to crash? They tell you, you should put the oxygen on the other person first. Yeah, no, but I mean, on you first and then on the other person. And that's because if you don't, if you don't help yourself, you can't help the people around you. So that's the same kind of mentality that I've also thought like women empowerment should have care of ourselves, being good friends, helping others once you're ready to help others. Yes. And if you have a platform, just like yourself, use it to empower women. And I also think women in big positions, forget that, you know, they didn't get there overnight. And no, I wouldn't be where I'm at. Honestly, if I did not have all of these females behind me, like, seriously, I have so many female fans, and I appreciate every single one of them. Every single person that supports me, I, I would not be here without any of them. I couldn't do what I'm doing without any of them. So no, like, props to y'all. Yeah, and then you in turn with, with all the support with you, in turn, you support other women as well, in touring in your magazine, you brought lots of types of women onto your magazine, you even have a girl on the cover. Yes, I've, I've, this is the biggest thing with our magazine, there was not a lot of diversity in our magazine at all. And that's something that I'm changing, majorly. I'm also changing the fact that the women were objectified into extremes at times and not magazine and not something that I have snatched back and, and took control over. And I'm not allowing that anymore. I'm not objectifying women to make money. I want to make women feel strong and beautiful and confident and empower them and I want them to look beautiful standing next to a badass fucking car. And, and own it. Like that's, that's what I'm I'm doing and yeah, that's so we've changed a lot with the magazines. But that's Yeah, that's the biggest thing I've done is is changed the game on how females are viewed and, and used in our magazine. So and I totally see that because I followed the magazine before you had it. And it's been so different. And I've seen comments about the change. You've also received a lot of hate. I have big time haters, right now. I have I have haters. Yeah, I followed you for a long time. So that's why I've read off. I have so many haters and i get i i can tell you I get a lot of hate mail sent to me. I get a lot of screenshots of talking people talking hate about me on line and on Facebook and things like that. You know, it is what it is. I'm gonna keep doing my thing and I'm gonna keep creating and I'm gonna keep inspiring women and inspiring my industry as a whole. So, yeah, they can they can sit back and keep hating. So I'm, I'm I'm blessed. That is one reason Well, not one reason but yeah, one of the reasons I reached out to you not the only reason is because the way that you've changed the magazine like I said, I've followed the magazine I've I've used it you know I use it when I pinstripe I've been practicing or working I start shooting some of it I need See I need I need. I when I host pinup contest, I construct my own trophies I make Oh wow, you just send me stuff. I want to see it over. And but I reached out to you because of the change and shift that I've seen on my end here in South Florida. On your in the magazine, how we went from being very male dominated, which is not a problem, but it's the objectifying of the women and that the diversity of it. So I really felt kind of awkward holding this magazine when it looked like it was pretty dominantly for a man, it was, and you even feature now like women artists, you've had catfish. She's here in Florida too. And she's been on my podcast as well. And it's just a different diversity that I really loved. And that's, that's why I really wanted you to have you here to talk about yourself this magazine, you know, your stories as well. It's really inspiring, and I hope it hits other people thinking to feel confident and be able to do what they want and not let you know. Just their their sex get in the way, you know? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Male or female? Yeah, no. do read, do whatever you're wanting to do in life. And you should, you should go for it. Don't let anyone stand in your way or tell you that you're stupid, or you can't do it. Because you can do anything you're inspired to do you can, you can do anything you want to do. I was bullied and laughed at all through school, I actually dropped out of school from being bullied. And I was made fun of and picked on. And I was told that I was ugly. And that I was not I wasn't a model. And I wasn't going to be a model. And I wasn't going to be anything. And yeah, here I am. And I'm a model. I'm internationally published. I own an international, internationally published magazines, and now publishing women all over the world. And we're making, we're making art. So yeah, and on my end, I never saw a plus size. Like when I go to these car shows, it's always like, to put it like an objectified woman with the short short, a certain look and body type that fits. So I was told that can never be able to hold on, I'll never be on the stage. I'll never do the things that I'm doing now. And and now I feel good that you know, I bring a different crowd to these events that I've never seen before because they're all different sizes. Yeah, they I've had a transgender I've had, you know, all types of women that it would normally not be in that rockabilly, like old school scene, right? That's, like, very, I won't even say traditional, because I don't even know what to call it. But you know what, I mean? No, I totally get what you're saying. I that I mean, that's what what I'm also doing, what kind of some pistons This is another venture that I'm doing as well. I have so many little businesses going right now. But it's a it's basically a workshop for models and photographers to come together and learn from each other. It's, I really encourage the models to work with each other, uplift each other, teach each other grow from each other. Really just like I said, a workshop and helping each other and inspiring each other. I'm the photographer's the same way and I do like a little cruise in so I make it a little different. And I have all these cars swarmin and vadar parking lot. And all these beautiful ladies we make over and we help make over and I have wardrobe for them to try and babes on boards, accessories, they're one of our sponsors, and she sent them tons of jewelry to use and feel beautiful and then they go outside and they shoot with all these beautiful cars and there's a crowd of people also there shooting and and looking and looking at other cars and having a good time with music and and DJs and vendor I'm like I'm like trying to think of everything that they sell they they have their the the ladies there feel like bombshells, the guys are having fun because beautiful women are on their cars, and they're getting their photos done. Everyone wins. It's Yeah, beautiful event. Yeah, yeah. So it's super inspiring. And that's kind of like what what I'm what I'm doing with the magazines, I'm kind of doing with a lot of pretty much any business that I have is to lift women in some way. In some way. It really, really is. So let me ask you a few questions. Okay, that I got. Okay. I'm sorry that I cried guys. And I feel like I makeups all messed up. Okay. You'll only see you crying if you're watching on YouTube. And if you're watching on YouTube, hit like and subscribe. That's a little. My little slide that in there. Sorry, my ugly cry, guys. But you know, ugly cries usually mean that you're passionate about something. I say that in a nice way. Because usually when I like cry, and it has to do about what I'm talking about, it's because I'm passionate about and super passionate about what I do. Yeah. So don't ever apologize. No, thank you. So I asked you about your outfits. I like when I saw that question. I was like I have to ask it. I want to know. So yeah, we got off on a like, whoo. We went way off. Yeah. So back to that question. Yeah. pinup girl clothing. They take care of me so yeah, love tips on being Do you have any tips on being a boss babe? Oh, um, well, I mean, I don't sleep. I would, I would say, I am always grinding. I am always hustling. I'm always. I'm always working. I would I would suggest getting I don't know. I'm not sleeping, keep working. Yeah, don't sleep and keep working girl just keep going. I don't I I am. I really don't have any tips. I just like I said, I, I hardly sleep and I just work, work, work, work work. So and give, give, give give to so what is the best part of being a publisher? Oh, gosh, um, I guess the best part of being a publisher is just I guess giving opportunities to people in my industry that may never have a chance, you know, to be seen? Yeah, I think I think that's probably my favorite thing is just, you know, giving an opportunity to people. Yeah, what hardships have you encountered working in a print magazine? I don't get a lot of respect. No, especially for men. I would say women I get I get respect from men tend to think I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't know. What the Envision should be like, I don't know what I'm, I'm doing basically, a lot of times they they will try to go around me and go to my husband thinking that that's going to work and he directed them right back to me to let them know that that's Boss Lady over there. And you need to hit her up was what you're wanting Miss sir. So yeah, I just I have a lot of people that don't really respect me that don't give me really the credit. That's that's really hard. And when that happens, I usually have to be an asshole or bitch, I have to stand up for myself. And I have to address it. And when I address it, they don't like it. They, you know, of course project that, you know, it's me and I'm like, it's not me. It's you not respecting me. And now I'm happening to address it, and you don't like it. So it's good to have a supportive husband as well, that he tells them go talk to her instead of him having to talk to him. I mean, instead of them, talking to him having to deal with the issue. It's really good of him to be like, No, you need to talk to my wife. Right? Yeah, no, totally. I mean, this you don't get me wrong is this has been a learning lesson for both of us. We we we've grown together on how to handle this magazine and how to do it the best way we can. And to run it properly. together. And so yeah, we we back each other up big time. He He knows his role and I know my role and we stay out of each other's lanes. Yeah, what is your What is your favorite red lipstick? Pick. Oh goodness, my favorite. It's so silly. My favorite red lipstick comes from Sephora, the Sephora brand and it used to they used to not have names for it. So I'm not sure what the name is but it's numbers 01 is what the number used to be. But it is the prettiest blue red and they're I mean honestly all of their cream stains are amazing. Like you can use any of them so I use their cane stain their support a red, so and is blonde your natural hair color. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, this is less of bleach. bleach and extensions, dark dark brown. I have really really dark brown hair and a lot of gray. I have a lot of gray. A lot of people don't realize how old I am, too. I'm 41 I have five children and I have three grandbabies. So we just we just had our newest gram daughter Come come into our life, like last week. So yeah, it's your grandmother. I'm a grandma. I'm a Gigi. Mother with a magazine and one of your daughter's bedrooms with this beautiful wall. I love if you're not watching she's like this cloud wall that's lit up. Yes. I took I took my Like I needed to, I needed a good, I need a good day. Well, you are glowing, inside and out. Thank you. And do you have any questions for me, Charlie? Yes, I am inspired by you. And I love everything that you do. And I would like to team up with you in some way I would I would love to make you part of my magazine. I honestly think that I would like to do a column with you. I think if you're open to it, I would I would like to do a female empowerment column with you. If you're interested. I would love that. And be able to spread knowledge and inspire women in another venue. Right? Yeah, totally. And I would just love to enable a chance for you to talk about your podcast and maybe even some of the topics on your podcast. So yeah, and now I gotta go to Texas. When do you need to come see me girl? Yes, totally. I Charlie, thank you. Thank you so much for being on my podcast. I appreciate it. Thank you. I appreciate Oh, sorry, I cried. And if you guys want to help a girl out, make sure to hit the like button. Subscribe. If you're on Spotify, I Heart Radio Pandora wherever else. You can also rate the podcast. It will help me out. It's a free way to help me out. Just think about it that way and support your fellow woman. podcaster pinup girl. Yeah. Alright guys. I will see you all next Wednesday and have a wonderful day.