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Tampa Pinups Unite! Featuring Ruby Moon & Leslie Luxxe from PINNED Tampa - PINNED Podcast: Episode 44

April 14, 2021 Miss Pinup Miami Featuring Ruby Moon & Leslie Luxxe Season 1 Episode 44
PINNED Podcast
Tampa Pinups Unite! Featuring Ruby Moon & Leslie Luxxe from PINNED Tampa - PINNED Podcast: Episode 44
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The pandemic has been this past year crazy but there is always some good. This week we have Ruby Moon & Leslie Luxxe joining us to talk about their pinup journeys and why they contacted me to begin in PINNED meetup in Tampa! 

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Good day and welcome back to the pin podcast. We're on episode 44. And here at the pin podcast, we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. I'm your host, Pinup Miami. And if it is your first time listening to the podcast, welcome, I hope you stick around. And if you're a returning listener, I want to say thank you so much for your support, you don't understand how much you mean to me. But I remind you every time if you want to find out about upcoming guests or past episodes, make sure to follow the podcast at the pin podcast official on Instagram, or on my Instagram Pinup Miami, you can even send us a text to 183348 pinup. Those those messages go directly to me and you're able to ask me any questions if you have any requests for topic, anything of the nature, I am there for you. For today's episode, the sponsor is about to rock and roll a tribute to the music legends of the 1950s. And 60s, it's gonna be a show down in kioto. You know that is in South Florida. And our finals, it's going to be April 17, not April 16. At 9pm. It's going to be nostalgic rock and roll music from the 1950s and 60s. So even gonna have some Motown and guess who's gonna be the host, I'm gonna be one of the host. So just for you guys, I have a $5 off coupon using promo code Pinup Miami. That's what the capital P u n m, I'll make sure to write in the description below. With that promo code, you get $5 off and you get to sit at the pinup table. And this table means that you don't need to have another guest with you, you could come by yourself and you'll have somebody to sit with. Because usually for this show, you have to buy your tickets per table. But this is a special in so you can join the cool kids, I'm just saying. So make sure to check that out. And if you have any questions, let me know down below or send me a text whichever way is easier for you guys. Today I have a very well I have two very special, special special guest all the way from the west coast of Florida. I gotta say it's like a three hour and a half drive. For me. And these ladies, before I introduce them, um, they are the head of pin Tampa, in Tampa in less at West Coast. If you guys don't know I run a meetup group called pin South Florida here in South Florida. It's been running for now five years. And it's a beautiful meetup You don't even have to be dressed up you could come as you are. It's we meet up at a meet up at different events get together and just share the passion that we have for rockabilly pinup, you know, swing dancing, if you're into that any type of that nostalgia. And these two ladies that we have here today, we have Miss Ruby moon and Miss Leslie Lux, they're going to tell us a little bit about themselves. Why don't want to get involved. And just more about them and the community that they're trying to bring together because there's a lot of us out there that have the same passion. But we just don't have a venue or location or people to connect with. So when the pandemic is over, hopefully sooner than later, you'll be able to get together and just have fun and rock it out together, rock out together. You know what I mean? So without further ado, let's talk about Ruby. How are you Ruby? I am great. How are you today? I'm good. I want to I want to know why you became a pinup your little little journey into the pinup world? Well, it's been a long one. Um, well, this is a loaded question. Because, um, I don't it's like you said it's a long journey. So and I don't want to like say anything. Okay, well, alright, so basically, in 2011, I left a bad relationship that I was in for 10 years, and I was living in North Carolina and I moved to Florida. And I moved in with my mom until I got on my feet. And I had a friend, you know, who knew what I was going through and I was sheltered for basically those 10 years and my friend said, you know, you're such a beautiful person and you have like such an artistic flair. Have you ever thought about doing plus size modeling? And I said, No, you know, And then they happen to mention suicide girls. And she said, girls are great, and they're beautiful and all that, but I'm not that artistic. And, you know, I used to have like, rainbow colored hair when I was younger, and lots of piercings and things like that. And I guess that's why they probably see you suggested that, you know, um, but, uh, you know, I'm a mom now and everything. And so I was like, well, so I started Googling, you know, alternative plus size models. And then pinup came up. And I was like, Oh, yeah, and I don't know why I didn't think about that. Prior to, because, you know, my whole life. My family has been very eccentric. And I mean, I'm talking like when I was living in the 1980s when I was a little baby. My parents lived in suburbia, Connecticut, and painted our house rainbow colors on the outside, and it made the front page of the Hartford current. Oh, yeah. And even made the National Enquirer. You know, so, um, and on top of that, you know, my parents loved old Hollywood, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, you know, and all those things. So I literally grew up with that and also the music anywhere from Vivaldi, to Motown, to Run DMC. I mean, we were just very a centric family. So I reached out to a local pinup photographer at the time, I lived outside of Orlando, and her name is Judy Nunes. And she had a contest on her Facebook page, the person had the most photo, or most likes on a photo would win a photo shoot with her. And, well, I won. And that's how I got started. And I had my first shoot with her. And, to this day, it's probably one of my all time favorite shoots I've ever done. Um, each shoot that I've had since then has been wonderful and amazing. And, and each is different in some learning experience. But uh, you know, there's nothing like your first shoe, you know, and, and she was wonderful. And she had the clothes I could borrow and everything. And it just escalated from there. And I'm doing it since 2012. So yeah, I know. It's crazy how a photo shoot could change your life and dictate you into this path that you are today. Absolutely. Absolutely. And Leslie and tell us about your beginning. Or did you have something else to say Ruby? I'm so sorry. No, I'm good. Um, well, my pin up vintage lifestyle certain way. Long time ago started back when I was in college in like, 2004 2005 timeframe. I love when we're all aging ourselves. I know it doesn't seem like it's that long, but it really has been that long. I was always even in high school. I was always the artistic one who was always had a flower in her hair. I mean, obviously I'm wearing flower now I have one for pretty much every every outfit I own because I make them but um, I didn't know you may care flowers. Yeah, I make I just do it for myself. Like everyone says I should sell them but I don't even know put a price on that on these. I've just like here you want this? Here have this. But no, my journey started back then. And it was just simple dresses like circle skirts and petticoats. You know, I bought my first petticoat at a vintage store long long time ago and it was a true vintage malco modes and that really started the snowball effect to worry and now I you know I'm not I don't consider myself a pinup I consider myself a misplaced 50s housewife. Because I to me, I think Ruby is a pin up because she's been published and she's done it professionally. I only had my first real pinup photoshoot over Christmas time. And Ruby was there she's the one who talked me into doing it and I had the most fun of my life. But it's I mean I either I you know, I support small small business women owned small businesses for clothes and or if I make it myself, because not necessarily you know a lot of designers make for chubby four foot 11 women so I didn't know you were that you short. Oh, yeah. Well, I'm a little girl. Ruby knows. She's like, yeah, yeah. But no, and it's but like, I'm yeah, I'm more of a collector, Pyrex and, you know, knickknacks, vintage knickknacks to put on the wall or whatnot, you know, I mean, my husband says, You can't go to the antique store anymore because we have no room. And which is the truth. We have no room in this little house. Because I have filled it with stuff. But you know, um, but I mean, it's a goal of mine to be, you know, published in a magazine. I mean, I figure anybody else can do it. Why can I, you know, so? And how did you and Ruby me? How did you both me? Um, I'm in person. We there was an event in 2019 in September 2019. In St. Petersburg, called the at the Hollander hotel, which is a an original Hotel in St. Petersburg. And they have a pool area with like a cabana pool area. And it's really, really got a real cool retro vibe, because the building looks something out of the 40s, which it is. And it's they had a bit of pinup contest, I think. Yeah, it was the retro slash vintage bathing suit. content. And Ruby was was in that, again, props. Ruby was in that and I met her and it's like, lightning, clashed right there. And something happened in the universe, the planets aligned. And it's like, I have found you, I have found my soul sister. We, it's I can't, we can't go a day without talking to each other. If I don't get a chance to say like two words to her. I feel like the day hasn't happened ever since. You know, and it is the truth. You know, I mean, it's, we're each other's support system and a lot of things. I mean, I had a really bad 2020 like a lot of people did. But Ruby was one of the people that pulled me out of a funk, because she kept on checking on me and making sure I was okay. Also, see, not all superheroes wear capes you got that everyone knows superheroes do do wear capes. But you know, sometimes it's a pity coat and a nice dress like that. Oh, Ruby, very sweet of you. Oh, thank you. It's just me, though, you know. So I find that no easy thing that both of you met through the love of pinup. And it's you know, it's what brought you together of vintage pinup. I know, there's both two different things. But they both are the same at the same time, if you know what I mean. But I brought you guys together to this beautiful friendship. Family. It's true. I have met so many people, whether they dress like us, or they have never seen anything like this in their life. And they just come up and ask questions. Like, you look so nice. We're, you know, what is this about? And that starts a conversation. And I absolutely love that. Because it opens up another doorway for other people. I mean, I've been at Universal Studios all done up for Halloween Horror Nights. And I had a person come up to me once and asked me if I was a character. And I said, in the Margaritaville bathroom. This is how I dress every day. She's like, well, what is this for? I said, it's my clothes. This she's like I said, Do you have you ever heard of pin up before? And she's like, No, I said, so. I said, Take out your phone, use your little Google machine there. type one pin up and hit images and it will bring an entire universe open to you. And I feel like I opened the door for somebody to take like, you know, but that's just a normal everyday conversation. I have even people who come to see me at work. They're like, do you wear this stuff at work? And like, obviously, this is what's in my closet. And you Ruby What do I wear this every day well Yeah, and um, just how people react when they see you. Oh, well, um, so I do have two jobs. So I do wear my work uniforms quite often. But that being said, I have quite the wardrobe. I'm not even going to begin to tell you how many dresses I own. But yes, whenever I can, I even if I'm just going up to the store, I saw a dress on now I do have a certain level of fancy dresses, you know, I'm not going to go put on my gala dress to go grocery shopping with you know, the pandemic, you could you know, but um, it's public. Yeah. All right, well, I just put my hair up in a bun. And, you know, like this, I'm wearing this today. I mean, this is what I wore today, you know, so yeah, um, a lot of the times, you know, when I go to the store, because I, I work in grocery retail, so usually go to the store I work at, to go grocery shopping, and I'm, my co workers know what I wear. So they'll be like, Oh, that's a cute dress. I haven't seen that one yet. You know, stuff like that. Um, but for people who don't know me, I'll be in public and it's females, you know, and they'll be like, Oh, I like your dress. It's a really cute assemble. And, and I always when someone pays me a compliment, I give them a curtsy. bow my head and tell them thank you. And then they're just like, Oh, you know, because no one does that anymore. You know, and I think it's a cute little spin on like saying thank you know, so. So I do that. Um, and then it's funny how Leslie mentioned when she was at Universal? A couple years back in Ebor, we used to have a restaurant called the spaghetti warehouse, and my family and I actually went to go see Jersey Boys at the straz Yeah, and then afterwards, we went to the spaghetti warehouse. Well, you know, I wore my cherry print dress with you know, it was like full skirt with Petco in the backseat stockings. But that's what I wear anyway, most of the time anyway. But so I went out to the stressing out to dinner. Well, so I guess that night, which we had no clue at the spaghetti warehouse, they had a mystery dinner theater thing going on. And it was like a mystery train. And it was set in the 1950s they thought you were the killer. Some people kept asking me all night long. Are you part of the show? Are you in the show? Don't like, no, this is just how I dress. You know, just, I happen to be here, you know? So that that was fun. Um, and then I actually am an annual pass holder and I go to Universal a lot, myself and I do need to go usually wear a dress there. And a lot of times people you know, say, Oh, I like your outfit. I just film. Thank you. And yeah, and it's fun. And you know, when I can let people know, like Leslie, where I got it and you know, what size inclusive, inclusive tivity there is and, and things like that, which is amazing. And I'm very, very happy that there are a lot of reproduction companies out there that do have a good range of plus sizes, so then that's really awesome, too. Yeah. So now, I want to know, what made you guys come together? or How did it start that you guys approached me and we're interested in pin Tampa. That was me. Um, well, so I know you have Hinde Orlando and I know you're in South Florida. And I was like, Man, you know, there's no Tampa chapter and basically I reached out to you Pinup Miami and asked, hey, you know, would you be interested in possibly having some people help you run a Tampa chapter? And no. Just kidding. And, and heard I networked and I'm, here we are. Now I'm just one person. And I knew I would need reinforcement. So I asked Leslie, if she'd be interested in helping and she said, Yes, so she is my right wing woman. We are actually equals in this partnership. We do have a couple other friends who are in the pinup scene who did ask for future endeavors that they'd be interested in helping and they said yes, but that's further down the line, but we do have extra help. But yeah, so And here we are. Yes. And what is your like? What do you look forward to the most starting pin Tampa seeing pinned or Nando South Florida like what is one thing you're very excited for? Because your pin template is really new. The first event is coming up soon we'll talk about that after. But tell me, what do you each very excited for? I know I'm personally excited for meeting new people. And if you're not, like, like, like what you said, Come as you are, you don't have to come dressed up like us, or anybody else. You can come in and jeans and a T shirt. We don't care. It's, you know, meeting people bringing people together. Networking, you know, I mean, it I mean, look at what brought me brought me Ruby, you know, an event brought me Ruby. And so it's a it's one of those things where just just go and have fun. Meet people shake hands. Well, social distance hand if you have too high five weight from a distance, I guess now until things are better. But it's, I just think that the type of clothing that we wear brings attention. Obviously, an attention will bring curious people and curious people can end up to be friends. So and that's why I you know, am I I'm looking forward to also meeting new people in another town as well, because I do events all over even hosting the pinup contest. I've done some in Tampa, I know Ruby's gonna park, Orlando, Jacksonville in between. Next this year, I'm hosting one in North Carolina. I have found hosting these contest. It's not just a contest that people are, you know, against each other pinup contest is a whole different world because I've seen friendships evolved from them. And then in South Florida was a simple like what you were saying, Leslie, that when you go to Universal, somebody's like, Oh, I like the way you're dressed. And you taught them a new world. Now you have an excuse to be like, well, because the answer I would get is, I don't have anywhere to wear it. Well, you don't need a place to wear it, because we wear it all the time. But if you do, hey kintampo host these meetups, you know, you should come check it out. And you could tell them, and it gives people an opportunity to explore a different type of culture, a different type of people, because when you come to any of the events that are always welcoming, you could come by yourself. I mean, I started it by myself. So people just showed up. And so that's what I was looking forward to see you guys posting these events, meeting more people growing. And I'm so excited for the future that you know, I can't even put it into words and how pleased I am that you like the way you know, Tampa, I mean, Orlando and Miami and South Florida has been going. So hopefully one day we all meet together in the middle. And that would be amazing. Like a pinup retreat. Yes. I think that's awesome. Yeah. That'd be amazing. Absolutely. So tell us about the event next. Well, the event this weekend? It's gonna be on Friday and Saturday at bajada. Right? Yeah. Tell us 1717 Yes, I messed up my bed. It's okay. 17 that tell us about the meetup. What can we expect? You know, give us more like, tease tease us. I'll be there. Well, well, that's a party right there. There think it's a party? Um, well, so we were trying to think of a place where we could have a social distance meetup. But soon because, you know, people are getting vaccinated now. Yay. And I know, people are trying to get more into socializing again, and more normalcy with their lives and everything. So, um, I did hear through the grapevine about why he heard Um, and so I reached out to them and I asked them, would they be interested? Could we have a meetup there and the man who runs it? He said, Absolutely. That's fine. Just you know, I gotta let him know the details. And so I talked a lot with Leslie and Pinup Miami, and we worked out a time and date and it's set excuse that September, excuse me, April 17. My goodness, um, and it's gonna be mainly outside, which is really great. You know, it is a Tiki Bar and it is 21. But I did talk to him because there are a few people who are interested in coming who are 18 And he said that you would do wristbands for them. So, okay, you know, I have been to the Baja and I have to say the drinks are very dangerous but deliciously good. So it's dangerous. Oh and wake drinking. Like it's like it's like it syncs up I guess the word. Okay. What's fun about the Bihar is it is one of the oldest retro vintage Tiki huts in America, it was built in 1954. And not much has changed. Of course they've updated, you know, kitchens and renovations and things like that. But, um, as far as I know that they kept everything almost entirely original, which is pretty awesome. So that's gonna be fun. And I have personally have never been to a Tiki hut or event or anything like that. And you know, I needed to buy a new dress to add to my Dress Collection. So I went and bought a Tiki themed dress and Leslie's making me a beautiful hair flower and we're gonna alohar away into a nice little get together. So I'm very excited. I'm so excited to see what everyone wears. You know who shows up? Who what new people we're gonna meet? You know, the type of masks You know, I've seen some people make creative masks also. It's so weird to say, but I've seen some creative masks. Maybe someone will make one out of like bamboo. Oh, all right. Yeah, bamboo one. Or one full of like little parasols. I like those little parasols from the drinks. I don't know. That'd be cute. has one of you watching on YouTube? I mean, I'm just drinking out of my, my first ever. What is this taking glass? It's a peacock. No, yeah, it's a peacock. Yeah, it's beautiful. Well, I'm so excited for the first event, it's gonna be amazing. And there's gonna be many more I hope everyone listening if you're in the West Coast, or if you're willing to drive for a night, you know, head out there RSVP head to pin Tampa calm. So you can meet these wonderful ladies. And if I haven't met you, please make sure to say hi to me. I'd love to meet you all. And I'll also be hosting an event in Tampa. I'm not hosting an event but I'll be hosting a pinup contest in Tampa at the ink the bay Tattoo Convention in June. So if you guys are interested in joining a pinup contest, make sure to hit up pinup contest comm and get more info there. Well, really, do you have anything else you'd like to add to today's conversation about pen temp about yourself? any future endeavors? Um, no, no, no, I you know, as you were talking, I was thinking like a million things I could say but knowing now I'm drawing a blank and I hate that. Um, no, I just I really hope you know that this is going to be such a great in front of them. And that a good amount of people do show up, which I, I believe there are and I really hope to see everyone there and Oh, yes. The Baha does have a hotel attached to it, called the Golden host resort and it is owned by the same person. So if anyone needs a place to stay, or you know, I don't want anyone driving home drunk especially for people who are coming from out of town. definitely give them a call and try to book a hotel room for the night. It's because I would feel better if you did so. And Leslie anything else you want to end um, other than I'm just so excited to meet some like minded people and finally meet you in person is like going to be like my absolute goal. And just having fun with people. I mean, my husband's going to go and this is going to be his second ever like pin up adventure with me first was at the pool event with Ruby so and I were gonna match. I bought a dress and I bought him a matching shirt. So we're gonna we have a honeymooning honeymooner couple couple thing going on. So So yeah, so I can't I can't wait. And I'm just ecstatic and I can't wait to see what what it brings and what would impulse for us in the future. Oh ladies, I just have to say both of you that I am so grateful. An honor that you guys have started this adventure that I'm a part of. And it means the world to me. I hope you know this. And this is like my baby and you guys are carrying it perfectly, you know. So I wanted to just say thank you. And for you listening, make sure to follow them on Instagram at pin Tampa, and then need to check out Ruby at pinup Ruby and Leslie at Leslie underscore Lux, I'll make sure to put the spelling and everything down in the show notes below. And for next week, I'm going to be continuing the conversation of fat phobia and dating plus size women. So please stay tuned for that. I'll be having Vivian back for that episode, so you don't want to miss it out. And make sure to share this episode share the pin Tampa event. You know just share everything you know it's a free way to help us out and it means the world to me. So guys, please pay stay safe. And ladies, please stay safe. Wear your mask, get your vaccine and I hope to see you all here next week. Bye bye