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What is a Pinup Contest? with Miss Pinup Miami- PINNED Podcast: Episode 50

June 16, 2021 Miss Pinup Miami Season 1 Episode 50
PINNED Podcast
What is a Pinup Contest? with Miss Pinup Miami- PINNED Podcast: Episode 50
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This week I explain the question I get asked the most.....what is a pinup contest? What is it all about? After this episode your gonna want to sign up to the next one!

I also dive into the reason I have been away- I get a bit personal and I hope it motivates you all to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Love you all!

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Miss Pinup Miami:

Good day and welcome back to the pin podcast. Well, I should say, I'm back. I first off wanted to apologize for the little hiatus that came on inspecting and uninstall unexpectedly. But I'm back. And in case you haven't been here before. My name is Pinup Miami. And this is a pin podcast where we talk about modern topics with vintage flair. And I try to bring you topics that have to do with vintage modern life. Because at the end of the day, I'm a modern girl that loves vintage things. So I consider myself modern, with a vintage flair. And I'm sure a lot of my vintage, fellow vintage lovers, retro lovers, rockabilly, all feel the same way that we don't want to live in the past. We want to live in the now. And before we get started, I want to talk about the sponsor for today's video, which is pinned It is a website where you can locally find pinups. Now, chapters are only in Florida right now we have one in South Florida, Central Florida, and in Tampa. And it's all about creating meetups to create events that we can't find us rockabilly vintage lovers, anybody, you don't have to be a not you can be a novice, you could be just interested in just showing up in one event, because you find it interesting. It's open to everyone. So make sure to hit up a pen meetup, pin And if you want to start one in your hood, reach out to me just send me a DM a question. Email, I'm an easy to easy to contact. Now before we also get started, I did want to apologize for the hiatus and I wanted to explain to you guys why I haven't been posting any podcast episodes, and it truly from the bottom of my heart. I'm truly sorry. And it's not even Sorry, it's sorry to you guys. And sorry to myself, because the only thing that has been keeping me up in the last year has been the podcasts. And I'll tell you why. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, and be like and tell you guys that last year, and I'm sure a lot of you can agree that last year was a very difficult year for everyone. But mine was difficult, in many ways, but one way that I couldn't control was I have a job. And it really took the stress. And I thought about should I be talking about this on my podcast. But I wanted to share my experience with everyone because everyone might be going through what I'm going with. And I hope it motivates somebody, or you understand where I'm coming from. So I have ever you've heard my podcast, you've heard me talk about the pillow company that I work for. And I'm very grateful because that's where I learned how to sew. I have met incredible ladies as so there that I was there for many, many years. And in the last year, I don't know if it was the owner. I had a scary moment. It all started with one moment where now I look back and I should have reacted differently. But he came into the office one day. And he like was upset. And if you ask him why he was upset, it's so ridiculous. But nonetheless, he came in the office really angry and slammed his head on my desk and it is a family owned. Business and I was scared. I was scared. I've never had that scary feeling in my life. You know, if you know me, I try to let things just go. I really tried to let this go. But when I told his wife that I didn't feel comfortable, like I'm telling you, I have never been scared. I thought this man was gonna hit me. And I've known him for so many years. But she just laughed it off. And it made me feel even worse that the next two days I told him I was leaving. And I just had this like throw up, I threw up. And they probably thought I was out on vacation or made some stupid excuse, but it was the worst feeling I've ever felt. And, and just to point out, he never apologized for what he did to me, or how he made me feel or even if I kind of mentioned it, it's like he threw it on the side. And then there were other instances that I felt like I was not being appreciated as an employee. And I know some of you out there work for small businesses. And I'm not saying that they're all the same but at a certain point. I believe I got disrespected and it just went on for too long that the workplace became hostile now Not only for me, but for all the employees there, like I'm telling you, nobody wants to work there. And it's so sad to see a company that the owner himself had so much ambition when he started and then turned into this bitter, stressful environment that trickled down all the way down to the warehouse. Like, it was so toxic. And I'll have to do and I believe it's because he was in pain. And I tried to be understanding, but there's a certain point when you got to get out and you're not being respected as an employee, or they abuse you, or when you've worked there for many years, and you ask for a raise, and they just like, pity you with 10 cent raise, I'm telling you, oh, disrespectful. And I just fed it up because I was thinking not so good family, you know? No, I'm telling you took me a while to realize, and it was actually my friend, my friends that, you know, they always told me that I do so much that, that I'm worth more and I'm telling you, if I didn't have these, I didn't have friends a couple years back. And now thanks to the pins meetups, I have an incredible network of friends that motivate me and, and you know, put me in my place when I have to, but they never disrespect me. And I have to say that I've been truly blessed with the people I have found. And even like, the support I have online has been immense. So in the last couple of months, if I've been looking for jobs, just putting it out there not thinking that I'm going to leave because, you know, once you get stuck in a place, and I think that's what happened to me, we get so complacent with where we're at that we're scared of change. And I believe that that's what happened to me, I was scared of changing, I was scared of doing something new. Because I really had all my, my blog going, my sewing going, my more my events were on hold. But I had everything going for me that I really wanted to do a full time. So I was on the right path and being in this job. But I slowly realized, like my your mental health could kill you. And if you hear stories of other people around you, and please leave anything in the comments if you're watching on YouTube, or send me a DM with any stories that you have. Because I want to know like, how did you get out of that rut and I know a few people out there are going through a rut and I have to say, I by raw I mean, going through an emotional time. And to be honest, it feels like you're never going to get out of there. And I'm not out of the hole yet. But I'm slowly crawling out. And it feels like a whole weight has been lifted. So I started looking for interviews, I had one of my friends look over my my, my resume, I couldn't do my thing, you know full time because COVID events canceled. You know, I brought everything alone, I do my podcast I edit. I edit my videos, I videotape myself, I even do my own photography for a lot of the posts on my Instagram. I'm a one woman show. So that's the reason why I've been delayed even pentose at the zoo. So I feel like I'm really behind on everything. Because again, mental health is important. And I needed to take care of myself. And it all boiled down to this job that I felt like was scratching my soul away from me. And I know that sounds dramatic. But I'm telling you that I would go home crying. And the only thing that made me happy at the end of the day was this right here, this podcast that I have going the support I've gotten from all you people. And it means the world. So when I say you guys mean the world, you guys mean the world. So I was able to like apply to many jobs, I could tell you right now I applied to 198 jobs. Okay. And I know that a lot of people are hiring or they're starting to open up and hiring but I wanted to do something. I mean, I've been the manager in warehouses for the last couple of years, but I wanted to do something that I'm good at that I'm so that I that I know, which is social media. So I felt like I never thought I feel this way at this age. But I felt like the adult that was trying to look for a job that the only one a young people for you know, have or felt like I was starting over because I've done social media. I've done a lot of things for brands for myself, but when you put it on a resume that you worked on yourself, people start getting skeptical, even though I have proof of everything, like the skills I have the editing, I know how to use, you know, all these things. So I found that kind of hard, it was kind of tough. And then when you have interviews that call you for a second call, you start to think shoo, but then I'm gonna have to leave this and sacrifice there. And my god so emotional. And then I found this job and I have to say I found this job at this. It was another warehouse. So I was kind of skeptical, and I applied for something I was not quite But at this point I was applying to anything and everything I could. Because honestly, after a couple months and not getting the job I was trying I was I mean, I did get hired for a few jobs but I declined them either the schedule or wasn't for me it was like different things. You know, when you go for a job, it's it's a two way street, you have to like it. And they have to like you, and it has to accommodate your lifestyle and, and for me, I did have you know, you have your own like, you're definitely yes, your definite nose. So I finally found the job that I was not qualified for. But honestly, when I left that interview, I was so I felt something I don't know if you I don't believe in like, like things but I felt something I even cried after that interview. I was just so excited. to step out of that room. I felt like, I think I cried because I felt hope. Like these people loved my stuff. Like the content I made for Pinup Miami, the content I made for Pensacola, Florida, my podcast, like they loved it. So I was able to, you know, show them who I was, and genuinely what I wanted for my future, the ideas I had for my career and how I could implement that into their business. And I think they were impressed by that. Because Two weeks later, I didn't hear back from them. And I didn't want to be like, hey, but two weeks later, I'm the hiring hired me What took longer, it was like a whole month long process, I thought I would never get it. But I did. And I have to say, I finally feel like that's why I feel like I'm finally crawling out. I know financially, I've been struggling and switching jobs cuz I did have to, you know, every change comes with it ups and downs. But there was way more ups and downs. So I am officially a social media marketing specialist. And I will be working on many brands creating content. So hopefully I'll learn some things. But I also get to implement everything I have learned and taught myself. Because yes, they like everything I've done. And I'm ready to, to work with many, many, many, many, many brands. So I'm so excited. And I want to thank you all for if you're listening. Thank you so much for listening and coming back and I'm back back on schedule, I have guests lined up, I'll be doing a lot of solo things, I really want to communicate with you guys more, talk more, just more, more more. So yes, that is what's been happening with me. And I do apologize again, if you have reached out to me and I just been slow. It's just that I had to take care of my mental health. So take care of your mental health, I have to say it does mess with everything in your life. And when you're able to take care of yourself, then you could take care of others. And you do such a better job just like when you're in the airplane. And they tell you, you know, when if the airbags deplete my airbags, those things that come out of the roof, if they if they come down, make sure to put it on yourself first and then to anybody else. Because by the time you put it on somebody else, you might be dead, so or out of oxygen and you will be unconscious. So think about it that way. So I know it sounds difficult to work on yourself. And it sounds so cliche. And if you have a job that you're not happy with or that you feel disrespected, it doesn't hurt to look because I thought hey, I'm gonna look Whatever, let's see what happens. And I think I got I think I got really lucky. And I was able to find a place that works for me and honestly, time flies because it's what I like is content creation. Its marketing, its social media. So yes, yes. And to those close to me that know what's been going on with my life. I just want to give an even those in the pen meetups a big big big, big big thank you to all of you, even you listeners again, you guys. I know I'm being repetitive but I just really want you all to know that I love you all and it means so much to me the support that you've given me in the last year even without you guys knowing and thank you. So for today's episode, I wanted to talk about something that that I feel like made me who I am, which is pinup contest. So I get asked a lot what is a pinup contest like when I go to like this slide the last two weekends I've actually traveled that's why I've been all over the place. I actually traveled to host my first two pinup contests. This instance I year and a half. So the last one I did was the rockabilly cue in immokalee in Florida. And then two weeks ago, I did Callahan cruiser in Jacksonville. And I did miss Inc, the Bay in Tampa. So what is a pinup contest? a pinup contest is imagine it is a contest, like a dress contest doesn't mean a dress, it just means I just mean a tire so and attire of vintage, retro rockabilly style. That's what it is. So you get rated off my contest, I make it super fair, I have practice from when I had no friends to when you have friends and in contests, you know, okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. But a contest is basically vintage, retro rockabilly attire. And the contest I host are judged and crowd favorite. So these two are different. So you either have a judged contest with so you have judges, and then they have a sheet. And or, you know, it could vary, whoever hosted whoever puts it together. But some of them might be a deliberation. So the judges deliberate on whose first second or third, or there's like a score sheet, and in the scores, she has like hair, one through five, makeup, one through five trusts one through five, overall, one through five, it's added up, added up, and then the total number is tallied. And that's how I run my contest, I find it extremely fair, cuz you're judging per category, per girl, and the girls name is never on it, it's only per number. So the judges are always more concentrated, and they don't play favorites. I also like to pick judges that are in different worlds. So you have a photographer, I like to always have like a photographer, the previous winner. I'm a model, newspaper, magazine, those type of categories. So that's what I mean by different categories. And then I also have judges, judges, a crowd favorite. So I love the judges, because in the judges, you know, if you have no friends, you don't have to worry about the crowd cheering for you. Because that would happen to me. And I would get mad when I'm like, man, I tried really hard to look pretty. And it was just a crowd favorite. So it's only like a favoritism thing. I mean, that's how I felt. But then I've gone to shows that nobody knows anybody. And you could tell that from the crowd's reaction that they just went with a girl that was genuinely the best, or genuinely giving an answer. So I like to provide a both when I host a contest, because I feel like it gives the crowd a chance to interact with the girls, and the judges away to do their judging. And in no way do I influence anything, I just organize everything together. So while the judges deliberate, I always have like, the crowd favorite. And I always ask somebody from the audience to come up. And then the people from I pick somebody from the audience, usually the most enthusiastic person because I know that they'll be up for the job. So for example, this last weekend in Tampa, it was like a young kid, he really wanted to be a part of the show. So I first had him come up to help the girls up the stage because I forgot to ask somebody to help the girls up the stage. You know, US ladies were some of the ladies there had really high heels. I was impressed. There was a lady there. They had like these really high stripper heels. And she had a gown and I was amazed. I was amazed. And she looked amazing. So I had this, this young boy helped him up the stage. And then at the end I surprised him with Do you mind helping me with the crowd favorite? And he was like, Oh, yeah, so it really does, like, bring everything together. So I had a hell always have somebody from the crowd because I don't want people saying Jennifer's rigged. Jennifer's ears suck, you know, so not that it's ever happens, but I like to always take precaution. So so the crowd favorite is usually the loudest cheer, and I like to do like three rounds. So be like, Huh, let's see who was the loudest we'll bring it up. Do it again. And it really helps for the judges to deliberate because some of the contests like I've had up to 35 girls in these contests, because I don't like rejecting anyone, because it's always like, I try there's some contests that I have to like pre eliminate the girls. But most of them, they're at a car show. It's about being fun. So wouldn't you want as many girls as possible on stage, just saying, and plus the prettiest crowd? So, uh, yeah. So. So from there, we just go lower and lower until we get like the grand prize. I'm going like this, if you're watching on YouTube, make sure to like and subscribe. But that's because I put my hand over their head, and I'm like, hey, hey, hey. And it's so much fun. And I love it. Um, so if you're in the contest, usually what happens, and I can only speak for my contest. I know, I've been in a couple of contests myself. So if you enter the contest that's at least hosted by Pinup Miami, you will have, you will have a question. But I do give you a chance to pick out your question before hand when you register with me. And I let you pick from two random questions and let you keep the one you want. So I like to give opportunities because first of all, we're there to have fun. And if I take away that fun and make it super serious, you're just not going to want to participate. So I let you guys pick from a question. You pick one, then you keep it you pick your number, again, randomly, you pick your number. So you have your number random, you have your question random, you get to keep your question. And you keep your question all the way until you go on stage. And then when you're on stage before the contest, I like to take a group picture because it's so nice to see like a bunch of girls all dressed together. And then when we go on stage in order, I like to call you out by name first, so you guys could get a little twirl or walk on stage, get those little jitters out of the way, and then go down the line asking the questions to all you ladies. And I have found that that really relaxes everyone. It makes you have fun. And the number one thing Well, two things that I love the most from hosting panel. Three things I love the most from hosting pinup contest is number one. Oh my gosh, I love seeing everyone's different styles. Like you could have the rockabilly tattoo girl the sailor, the classic true vintage rockabilly, you know, there's so many different styles that glam the Marilyn Monroe it took, it's like I love I love it all. I love it. And it's all together on stage. Second is I have seen so many friendships being developed from these contests, that it ain't even funny. I just I just love it. I think it's incredible. Because you know, when people hear contest here competition, like, I feel like panel contest is a different type of thing. It's about finding people in your same niche. And I mean, in your own community, think about the people you hang out with, if you're listening to this podcast. If you're listening to this podcast, I'm sure a handful of people around you do not live the vintage style or practice it or even enjoy. So it's hard to find people like minded. I know a lot of people that their best friends don't like it, but they come to the meetups because they get to, you know, do what they love. They go do contests, it's about just being able to be around others that love what you love. And the first time Well, after college, I went to a meetup event and I met other girls, but it wasn't until I truly entered a panel contest that I met other people that I bonded with. So yes, pin them contest friendships. Heck, I'm an example. And I know other other ladies, you know, let me know if you met each other. At one of my contests like, I've heard stories of people telling me that what I call we made to Pinup, Miami is a contest down in Fulani Ville. And so just let me know I love hearing those stories. And I truly appreciate it because it leads me to my third thing of why I love pinup contest is I guess, which goes with the second one is bringing people together. Not only on the stage, but on the audience. I could give a perfect example. There's a contestant called Brandi. She was a really early guest on my show. She's from South Florida. She's come to my meetups. Her name is Brandy bravado. And she I mean I feel like like she finally found a like a community of girls that love what she loves. And she brings her family to so Like incorporates like family the love that she has. You also bring out your crew to come cheer you on your family, your friends, and they could see what it's about. Because if I would explain to my parents, for example, I know I've talked about them a few times on the podcast. They're an example like they don't understand the rockabilly lifestyle, including my sister.


Excuse me.

Miss Pinup Miami:

But um, they don't understand it. But they finally after many years came out, it's, I'm happy they came out to this event, but they came out to the rockabilly prom, the Spring Fling, and get ready, because next year, it's gonna be go to spring fling, But, um, you're gonna have the Spring Fling dance, and they finally understood what it was. That's more. Like, it's if you don't know what the Spring Fling is. I've talked about it a few times, I believe it's a, like a 1950s prom name. It's gonna it's at a train, the Gold Coast trade museum. So you're right in between all these vintage trains. And it is such a fun night. I'm hoping this next year because it's, it's gonna be Valentine's Day weekend. So next year, we're gonna have bands music, food drink, and a hell of a good time. So yes, if you have any other questions about the pinup contest, if you're nervous and being in one, do you want me to make a series on you know, prepping for a contest, what judges are looking for? What you should prepare for? How to answer a question. Should I make it a series on my YouTube channel? Hmm. I perhaps I might, I might just let me know. But next week, we are going to go a little more about social media copywriting, with our Dallas, a local here in South Florida. So make sure you come back and check it out. And check out the pin podcast on Instagram to find out about future contests. Now contest, future guests. If you do want to find about future contest or events that I'm hosting, make sure to check out Miss Pinup Miami comm and sign up for the newsletter, you'll get to be the first to know of every event that comes out first episode, YouTube videos that are up so yeah, you you, you don't want to miss out on that. So thank you all for tuning in. I know I had a really long intro, but I just wanted to tell you guys why I've been missing out. And I am so happy that I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And if you're going through a rough time, just remember you got this and there's a will there's a way and what's the saying this too shall pass. Keep that in mind. Thank you and stay lovely.